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Bee and Honey Trivia

I am always picking up bits of trivia about bees and honey.

Here are a few interesting facts.

*  All the worker bees in the hive are females.

*  The sex of a drone bee is male and it does not have a father but does have a grandfather.

*  Drone bees do not have a stinger making them defenseless.

*  During a bee's lifetime it only consumes 1/12th a teaspoon of honey.

*  The honey bee is North Carolina’s state insect.

*  Bees have four wings and five eyes.

*  Honey bees are not indigenous to North America. They were brought into this county in the late 1600's by European settlers.

*  Bees can fly at speeds up to 12 miles per hour.

*  A bee will forage up to 3 miles for pollen and nectar.

*  Bees communicate the location of pollen and nectar to other bees by dancing.

*  A bee will visit up to 100 flowers before returning to the hive.

*  Roughly 80% of all fruits and vegetables grown in the United States are pollinated by honey bees.

*  A bee makes about a 1/2 teaspoon of honey during its lifetime.

*  Honey never spoils. Archeologists have discovered edible honey sealed in the tomb of King Tut.

*  In ancient Egypt honey was the most widely used medicine. Over 500 of the 900 known medical remedies contained honey.

*  Two million flowers must be visited to produce one pound of honey.

*  Honey is 25% sweeter than white sugar.

*  The U.S. consumes about 400 million pounds of honey a year - about 1.3 pounds a person.

*  A bee must fly roughly 55,000 miles to produce one pound of honey.